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A Web Presentation by Paul Bodenstab


About Me

I am a developer utilizing modern technologies to create advanced applications and solve real world problems. Simplicity and beauty are what I strive for.

Technologies I Use

Dev Tools I Use

The Portfolio

Employee Directory

A randomly generated employee directory that utilizes an API to fetch and display data. It has full search functionality and supports a custom pop-up modal.


This page provides a faux social media page. It displays a knowledge of JS frameworks and an ability to take a given UI/UX mock-up and turn it into a functioning webpage.

Wheel of Success

A phrase guessing game utilizing javascript and clean css to display interactivity in an application.

Image Gallery

An image gallery utilizing the baguetteBox framework for a pleasant pop-up display and a search function.

The Code Review

A sample form which displays a knowledge of crucial HTML skills, basic design principles and an understanding of WCAG compliance.

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